Free Activity for Learning How to Write the Alphabet at Home

When teaching your little ones how to write the alphabet, it can sometimes be easier to take little steps, improving over time, rather than expecting them to understand the easiest way to write each letter just by looking at the letters.

Starting out with the basics, and gradually increasing the level of difficulty might look something like: learning the letter formations, then tracing those letters, and finally (taking off the training wheels) you can give them the blank piece of paper, and perhaps have the letters on another page to jog their  if they get stuck.

It takes time, and you certainly won’t have it perfect, but taking those baby steps can go a long way in helping your child commit those to their muscle memory.

Sometimes, students may find that beginning with words they recognize can be easier (like their name or maybe their favourite activity). So if you can get your child to trace their own name, you can continue to build from there. You can also try tracing each letter of the alphabet one at a time, and do a “letter of the day” or “letter of the week” to make it a bit more engaging.

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets (PDF)

Here are some free printable PDF worksheets to get started with tracing the alphabet. They start with the formation arrows, then move on to tracing, and eventually, you’ll get to the blank lines of paper (having the mid-line can help your kids to remember where to stop, especially for the lowercase letters).

Download All as PDF


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I hope you enjoy the free activities, and if you liked this activity, feel free to share it with your friends!

You can download all 4 Alphabet Tracing Sheets in one PDF file using the link below.

Download All as PDF
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