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Teaching left-handed printing  practice just got easier with this new instructional font. If you have struggled with teaching students who write with their left hand, this font gives you clear directional arrows for teaching them a formation that is comfortable for the way they write.

Keep in mind that not all left-handed writers will write exactly like this, but it gives you the basic starting point for teaching them their letters and numbers. You will notice slight differences in certain characters that pull to the left instead of the right (such as F, H, T, etc.). This font is an extension of the Teaching Print Font Family, which pairs perfectly with this left-handed version.

This letter tracing font is for teachers & learners of any skill level looking to create their own custom handwriting sheets to capture the attention of left-handed students and help them to quickly learn letters suited to their writing style.

Includes 4 styles:

  • Left – Arrow
  • Left – Arrow Lined
  • Left – Arrow Dotted
  • Left – Arrow Dotted Lined
  • … see the Teaching Print Font Family for more styles


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